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NWI Transport

About Us

Mission Statement

Providing excellent service in goods, transport, and customer care for our clients and partners.

About Us

Out of the COVID-19 pandemic an idea was born. Alyson Eickleberry found herself in the transportation industry after a string of management jobs post college had not possessed the opportunities Alyson was looking for. In the transportation industry, Alyson found the challenges and interest she had been hoping for in a career. Alyson worked her way up from dispatch to Operations Manager, learning the industry from top to bottom. As Operations Manager she was able to put her prior management skills to work and developed her own team. This was when Alyson discovering she had a unique skillset for identifying the talent and skills needed to build a strong transportation team.

As a female in this industry, Alyson was personally challenged by gender-inequities and an overall lack of diversity. Feeling she could do better, Alyson began to develop a vision for a different type of company, one that that could promote real diversity in the transportation industry. That vision may have stayed just a dream, if not for the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many mom’s, during the pandemic Alyson faced the reality of poorly designed supply chains, struggling to find formula and essentials for her family. This was her lightbulb moment. She knew that she had ideas that could change the industry and she was ready to take the leap.

In June of 2020, Alyson purchased an existing transportation company and she never looked back. Under Alyson’s leadership NWI Transport Inc. (“NWI”) has significantly increased revenue. She dusted off her previously honed cold calling skills to reach out and develop relationship with larger sized companies, securing contracts with Fortune 500 companies. Today NWI proudly boasts a full roster of name brand clients and continues to grow each year. As NWI continues to grow and evolve, Alyson’s focus on diversity and inclusion along with identifying unique skillsets will continue to put her company apart from her competitors and meet the needs of the changing industry and its customers.